Jual/Sell: Relay SEPAM S20,M20,T20,S40,M40,T40,S42,M41,T42, B21 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com

Relay SEPAM Schneider 1000+ Series 20 & 40 Type S20,T20,M20,B21,S40,M40,T40,S42,M41,T42 Model New Advance Umi ( USB ),Digital Monitoring and Control ( S ) SUBSTATION + earth fault Protection Relay,( M ) MOTOR + Earth fault Protection relay,( T ) TRANSFORMER + Earth Fault Protection Relay,( B ) BUSBAR Protection Relay.


SEPAM S42@swatech electrica.

SEPAM S42 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com


SEPAM T42 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com

SEPAM Schneider swatechelectrica

SEPAM T40 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com

sepam t20

SEPAM T20 @swatechelectrica.simplesite.com

SEPAM M41@swatech electrica.

SEPAM M41 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com


SEPAM M20 Schneider swatechelectrica@gmail.com

Relay SEPAM M20 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com

SEPAM S20 & S40 Schneider swatechelectrica@gmail.com

Relay SEPAM S20 & S40 Schneider@swatechelectrica.simplesite.com


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