Sell: SEPAM M87 Schneider.

SEPAM 1000+ Series 80 Type M87 Advance Umi-USB,Digital Control and Monitoring MOTOR Multi Protection condition & Original Schneider Corp France.

Phone     : +62 21 2210-6356.

Mobile    : +62 812 2277-7236 / +62 812 2277-7623.

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Jual/Sell: SEPAM G87,G88 Schneider.

Ready SEPAM G87,G88 Schneider,Digital Control and Monitoring GENERATOR Multi Protection Relay,New Condition & Original Schneider Electric Corporate

Jual: Relay MIKRO type MK2200L,MK2200,MK1000A

Ready stock all variant type & model Relay: MIKRO type MK,DIM,ZCT,DAM,DVM,DM,PFR,PFR LCD,RPR,MPR,AN,AL.Relay

Ready stock

Ready stock

sell: Telescopic Hot Stick

RITZ,NIHON,JITAI,SOFAMEL,NEW PATH,GROUND TD,HUBBLE,AB CHANE,WORK ITALIA,Teleccopick Hot Stick & Grounding Set.nihon 6m 2.5m,4m,5m,6m,7m,9m,10.5m,11m,12m >> 20kV,30kV,….300kV.


RITZ Hot Stick Telescopic 20kv ; 10.5meter.(Ready 2 pcs)

hot stick 12m 24kV China